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Mortgage Renewals (And rates comparisons)

So many mortgage brokers try to “sell” clients products that may not fit their needs. They try to herd them in one direction to make the client fit the product, not trying to find a product that fully fits the client’s needs. This method doesn’t show clients all their options, and subsequently leaving them unable to gain any leverage. As a result, many clients end up not being offered the best rate, making them feel like they constantly need to be negotiating the best rate.

Gatsby Mortgage Experts want you to come in and feel comfortable asking us questions and learning about the process. We provide FREE guidance to make sure you have all the information necessary to make an informed decision. Our brokers earned degrees in financial counselling, so we can give you the guidance you need to get the best rate.

Gatsby Mortgage Experts not only offer the lowest rates, but we also will work with you to strategize where there may be unnecessary interest. You can be confident in the solutions and recommendations we make because we work with multiple lenders competing for your business—so you will be sure to find the solution that best meets your needs.